Cloudzet™ Body Scanning Service (“Service”) is provided by TG3D Studio Inc. Limited and its Affiliates (“TG3D,” “We,” or “us”) under this Terms of Use (the “Terms”).

When you register the Service, you agree that you have read, understood, and consented to all the content stated in the Terms. If you are a minor, you should make sure your parents (or guardians) read, understand and agree you to comply with the Terms in full before you start using this Service. We reserve the right to modify or amend the Terms. Please visit the Terms from time to time. Your continued use of the Service after any such modification or amendment constitutes your or your parent’s (or guardian’s) acceptance of the new Terms.

The Service provides User’s Body Measurements by Cloudzet™ APP and Scanatic 360 Body Scanner.
The Third-party store can provide the User the custom-made clothing service and the appropriate size clothing by referring to the User’s Body Measurements generated in the Service. The custom-made clothing service and the sales of the clothes are provided by the Third-party store, the User should review the pattern, fabric, size, cutting and the delivery of the ordered clothes carefully.

1)Software means the Cloudzet™ App developed by us and/or our affiliates, including, but not limited to, all updated versions, any supplemental and/or external apps and/or software subsequently provided by us.
2)User means a user who has completed the membership registration process. (“User”or “you”)
3)3D body model means the raw data of body shape shown in 3D format generated in the Service.
4)3D body measurements file means the electronic record containing the information of 3D body model and the Body Measurements.
5)Body Measurements means the User’s body measurements, including but not limited to, Neck circumference, bust, waist and hips, generated in the Service
6)Third-party store means the third party company proving the service of custom-made clothing and the sales of the clothing.

1)User shall provide mobile number or email and any required information (e.g. name and gender) to complete the registration process.
2)User may log in the Service by connecting to your personal account of certain third party social network sites, including but not limited to, Facebook or Weixin.

4.User’s duty and Obligation
1)You agree to provide accurate, complete and true personal information for registration, and you may update such information online at any time. If you provide incorrect or misleading personal information that cause damages to damages to the rights or interests of other users or third parties, we may terminate your user account and use of Services, and you shall be solely responsible for the relevant legal liabilities and/or damages.
2)User shall further fulfill the following obligation to secure user account.
a.User account shall be used by User only. You shall only use our Services and Software in accordance with the Terms and shall not allow any third party to access the Services and Software by logging in your user account.
b.You are obliged to properly safeguard your user account details, passwords and other relevant information. You shall be fully liable for any and all acts and/or activities, including all related fees, carried out under your user account.
c.If you discover any unauthorized use or unusual access to your user account, you should report to us immediately and protect your personal interests through appropriate legal means. If necessary, we will ask you to provide the relevant personal information and have the right to take charge of the account in dispute.
d.If unlawful use of user account and passwords is caused by your negligence or third parties’ use of the accounts with your consent, and causes damages to the interests of us or other users, you shall be solely responsible for the relevant legal liabilities and/or damages.

5.Collection of your information
Your use of the Service constitutes your consent to the collection, processing and use of your personal information, 3D body modelshape and Body Measurements through the Service by TG3D for provide you the Service.

1)Subject to your continuous compliance of this Terms and the additional terms and conditions imposed by the relevant Software and Services, you are authorized to use our Services and Software. If we are aware of any breach, we may suspend or terminate your right to use the Software and Services.
2)You are authorized to use Software and Service, but you are not allowed to modify, sub-license, lease, sell or assign any of the rights granted under the Terms. You also agree to comply with all relevant laws and regulations and use the Software and Services for lawful purposes only.
3)You are only authorized to use the Software. The intellectual property rights of all Software and relevant program codes are owned by us. You are prohibited from modifying, reverse engineering, reverse coding, decompiling (into a human readable format) or dissembling the Software, impeding or interfering with other user’s use of the Software and Services, or disseminating through the Software and Services virus or other malwares which are harmful to the others’ computer operation, software or contents which are in breach of the Terms and any content which may infringe the others’ intellectual property rights or other rights.
4)We will take all necessary steps to prevent you from using the Software and/or Services in a manner which is in breach of the Terms or the relevant laws and regulations.

7.Intellectual Property
1)You are only authorized to use the Services and Software, and do not acquire from us the copyright, trademark, patent and/or any other proprietary right in the Services and Software, and any program codes provided by us. For the avoidance of doubt, all rights are reserved by us unless expressly granted to you under the Terms.

2)You acknowledge that our Services, Software and technology are protected by the relevant laws of their respective licensed territories and agree not to remove or modify any digital right management information, anti-piracy measures or symbols of other rights (including but not limited to patent right and trade mark right) or software, which are contained in the Services and Software.

8.Limited liability
1)Any information, content, software or services provided by us through Software and/or Services will be provided AS IS at the time of provision. We do not guarantee or warrant the format and content of our Services in the event of Internet connection failure, delay or other relevant communication defect.
2)Unless otherwise expressly stated in the law, in no event, shall we and/or our authorized agents be liable for any loss or damages, including losses caused by the use of Software and/or Services, the failure to use Software and/or Services, and/or other direct, indirect, accidental, special or consequential losses, including but not limited to loss of business profits, business loss, business interruption, business information loss and any other monetary loss.
3)We will not warrant and be liable for any damages or defects arising out of any and all disputes between you and the Third-party store or any and all intentional or negligent act of other users.

9.Termination and amendment
We reserve the right to amend the Terms from time to time. The amended Terms will immediately come into effect once they are announced on our website or APP and we will not separately notify you or each User. After we announce the amended Terms on our website, you will be deemed to have accepted the amendments when you continue to use our Software and Services.

10.Laws and Juridiction
The Terms shall be construed, supplemented and applied in accordance with the laws of the Republic of China. For any matter which is not covered herein, please contact our customer service.If there is any discrepancy between the Chinese version and the English version of the Terms, the Chinese version shall prevail. Both parties agree that all disputes arising out of the Terms shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Taiwan Taipei District Court if they cannot be resolved through negotiation and the parties have to resort to litigation.

TG3D Studio Inc. Limited and its affiliates (“We”) take your personal privacy seriously and duly comply with the relevant privacy and personal information protection laws and regulations. Our Privacy Policy (the “Policy”), which explains what personal information we collect and how to use such data, as well as other important matters related to your privacy, is set out as the following

1.When you register as a User of Cloudzet™ Body Scanning Service (the “Service”), you will be required to enter certain information, including, but not limited to, an account ID (mobile number or mail address), name, gender and relevant personal information.

2.If you connect your account via Facebook, Weixin or other services (“Third Party Service”), you agree us to collect your personal verification information and other data that may be accessible from your Third Party Service account, including your name, profile photos, country, email address, date of birth, gender, names of friends, and other personal pictures and social network. We may verify whether your data matches those collected from such Third Party Service and will store and use such data pursuant to the Policy

3.When you use the Service, we may collect the following information:
1)your 3D body model;
2)information about your use of the Service, include the information stored in the SD card; and
3)technical information, such as URL、IP address、web browser type、operation system, language, and the time of visit, GPS.

4.To properly and promptly provide you with the Service, you will be required to provide the user account and the contact information when you use the Service, including but not limited to, procurement, changing the information of user account, feedback or participating in any promotional activities.

5.The information we collected will be used as the following:
1)The basic personal information you provide (such as your name) will be used for the purpose of User identification for TG3D and the Third-party store; the contacted information you provide may be used for contacting you, notifying you promotional events, payment reminder, award notice, payment receipt notice, sending invoices, and/or other update notices related to the Service. If you do not want to receive any promotional email, please contact
2)Your 3D body model and Body Measurements will be used for providing you suggestion of size of clothes and the service of made-to-measure and bespoke by the Third-party store.
3)Information about your use and technical data may be used for improving the Service, and/or developing new services.
4)We will provide you for ours or any third party’s promotional information and advertisement by push notification. You cannot turn off the push notification but you can adjust the way you are notified. You can turn off the push notification in your device’s main setting.

6.You understand and agree that we may share with third parties the data which has been sub-grouped and is not able to reflect or specify any identifiable individual. You grant us an irrevocable right to use such data for the improvement of the Service and relevant technology and the development of the new service.

7.The data collected herein may be processed and/or used by our affiliates or partners or outside Taiwan. We will not use them for any other purposes unless the local laws provide otherwise, and will also not disclose them to any third party without your prior consent, unless the laws require so due to material national interests or for the purpose of facilitating law enforcement agencies’ investigations.

8.You may search, copy or change your own personal Information. If you are not our User or we have not yet verified your membership, you are not allowed to search, copy, request for review or change the user’s personal information and account services of our accounts. For requests made in circumstances other than above, you would be required to provide your relevant personal information and written documentation as may be necessary to enable us to process your request.

9.You may request the use of your personal information be suspended or your own personal information be deleted. However, once the use is suspended or personal information is deleted, you will no longer be able to use the.

10.We are entitled to refuse your request to change, delete or modify your personal infoormation if such request may be harmful to the material national interests, result in impediment to the execution of statutory duties by government agencies, or cause any prejudice to the material interests of the collecting agency or third party

11.We will provide all necessary technologies and measures to protect your personal information in order to safeguard your privacy.。

12.To avoid information leakage, you should keep your own personal information, user account and password, etc. in safe custody. To avoid misuse of your personal information, you should log out or close the software or internet browser after using the Services, whether you are using your own personal computer or not.

13.You should keep your payment information (including credit card details) in safe custody to avoid being used by others for illegal purpose。

14.The Service may include hyperlinks to third parties’ websites or webpages. We are not held jointly liable if you agree to allow those websites to collect, process, and/or use your personal information.

15.You agree to use true and accurate information for purchases on the Service. You should notify us immediately if you find your personal information has been misused by others or if you find something abnormal.

16.You agree to provide and use lawful information when using the Services and all such information does not infringe any third party’s rights, violate any third party’s agreement or otherwise involve any illegal acts. If use of the Services causes any third party’s loss, we are not liable for such loss unless it is caused by us intentionally or due to our gross negligence.

17.We may update this Policy from time to time and comply with the relevant local privacy laws and regulations. When we make significant changes, we will make an announcement on our official website( or APP.

18.This Policy constitutes part of the Terms of Service. If you do not agree any part of this Policy or any amended content, please stop using the Service immediately.

19.If you have any question regarding the Policy, please contact us at